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Principal Investigator

Arnab completed his PhD in 2006-07 from CSIR-Indian Institute of Chemical Biology in the field of human genetics under the supervision of Prof. Kunal Ray. Subsequently, he moved to US for his postdoctoral training with Profs. Svetlana Lutsenko and Ann Hubbard at The Johns Hopkins University. His field of study was to elucidate the regulations of the human copper pumps and channels. After a brief stint at the University of Calcutta as a Ramanujan Fellow, he set up his independent research group at IISER Kolkata. Presently at IISER Kolkata, using various cutting edge techniques especially high-resolution imaging and molecular dynamic studies, his group is probing the secretory pathway that the copper ATPase ATP7A and ATP7B traverses to export copper from the cell. The second line of the group's interest is to understand the copper mediated endocytic regulation of the primary copper importer CTR1. The research of the group is funded through multiple funding agencies, i.e., The Wellcome Trust DBT India Alliance, DST-Early Career Research Award, Intramural funding from IISER Kolkata. 


Salauddin Sekh

Lab Manager

I oversee all the macro as well as micro managements in Arnab's Lab. In my leisure time I help others in their experiments.


Sumanta Kar

Senior Research Fellow

I study on the regulatory mechanisms of Human Copper Transporter 1.


Raviranjan Pandey

Junior Research Fellow

I am interested in exploring therapeutics aspects of anti-oxidants for Wilson's disease. I am also exploring pathways of copper toxicity.


Sharon Mary Jose

Junior Research Fellow

I am trying to find out cues involved in Inter-domain interaction of ATP7B and its importance in Copper dependent trafficking. 


Monalisa Mishra

BS-MS 5th Year

I am interested in Apico-basolateral polarity of ATP7A and ATP7B in polarised epithelia.


Adrija Chakrabarty

BS-MS 5th Year

I am exploring changes in Copper homeostasis pathway at host pathogen interaction.



Int. Ph.D. Fellow

I am interested in differential i.e Apico-Basolateral trafficking of copper transporters ATP7B and ATP7A in polarized epithelial cells. I am also interested to understand the role of copper transporters in drug resistance against cancer.


Saptarshi Maji

Senior Research Fellow

I am trying to study ATP7B trafficking in hepatocytes in response to copper. I am also interested in lysosomal biogenesis and organellar contact sites.


Rupam Paul

Senior Research Fellow

I am interested in studying involvement of copper transporters as defence mechanism of host against pathogens.

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