Our Lab's primary interest is to investigate the regulation of copper transporters in cell. CTR1 is a channel which imports copper into the cell and ATP7A and ATP7B are the transporters which provide copper into the secretory pathway and also help to dump excess copper out of the cells. Copper is an essential micro-nutrient, serves as co-factor in various metabolic pathways. But excess copper is toxic and detrimental to biological system as it heavily participates in redox reactions generating high amount of ROS. So, the amount of copper is very tightly regulated inside a cell where CTR1 and ATP7A/B participates in maintaining intracellular copper homeostasis. We mainly focus on the trafficking regulation of these copper transporters by using high resolution imaging technique along with molecular tools to address our questions. Beside these we also study the regulation of these transporters at molecular level using MD simulation. We are also trying to develop new imaging techniques and analysis programs.

Since our major focus is trafficking of copper transporters we call ourselves as TRAFFICKERS.




Enrique Rodriguez-Boulan

Weill Cornell Medicine

Ryan Schreiner

Weill Cornell Medicine

Durba Sengupta

NCL, Pune

Ashima Bhattacharya

Amity University, Kolkata

Moulinath Acharya

NIBMG, Kalyani

Arindam Mukherjee

DCS, IISER Kolkata

Rupak Datta

DBS, IISER Kolkata

Ayan Banerjee

DPS, IISER Kolkata

Bidisha Sinha

DBS, IISER Kolkata